Letter of Recommendation

February 20, 2018

I am pleased and excited to provide professional recommendation for John Wehrer’s Personal Training business. John is a past employee of the URC Fitness Center at Eastern Washington University, where he served as a Personal Trainer to the campus community. I have observed John manifest all of the necessary intangibles in his personal and professional growth – to include initiative, adaptability, and tenacity – that I feel are necessary for success in a graduate setting. As such, I have no hesitation in giving him my highest recommendation.


Having supervised hundreds of employees, I always enjoy being able to laud the accomplishments of those employees who truly stand out. I can tell you that, whether in the Personal Training or Supervisory setting, John was one of my best and brightest. John was hired as a Customer Service Representative – the entry level position at the facility – and within two years he elevated himself to become both a Certified Personal Trainer and a Student Supervisor – the highest positions a student can obtain. More than once have I assigned tasks to John which required high output and minimal supervision, and each time I have done so, he responded with the appropriate skillset and determination to ensure a quality output. John demonstrates the same reliability and critical thinking skills in the classroom, as well. This is evidenced by his 3.98 cumulative undergraduate GPA and current status as a student in EWU’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. John possesses a high degree of understanding regarding Exercise Science, and applies it to his clients so that they are provided with safe, effective and motivating sessions where change is truly noticeable. While these virtues are good for any trainer, what truly sets John apart is his attitude. John possesses a degree of interpersonal skills, genuineness and integrity that is unique among trainers –I simply cannot say enough about this magnificent individual.


John is a smart, energetic trainer who will apply both simple and advanced training principles into his clients routines. Whether it’s short-term consultation or long-term systematic training, clients will be better for having trained with John.

-Jake Rehm, M.S.