Personal Training Terms and Conditions


1.) Each client will receive a link to view and edit their own, and only their own, google sheet document. The only individuals who will have access to this are you (the client) and I (the trainer).

2.) There will be no refunds provided. If you are not happy with your service, I will do my best to better meet your needs.

3.) Any change in medical status must be reported to the trainer as soon as possible or prior to next program development.

4.) Results are a product of individualized training, individual effort, and adherence to the exercise program. 
       a.) If you feel the program is too difficult for your current ability levels, I will adjust your plan accordingly.
       b.) You must communicate your training needs if they are to be met.

5.) Programs will be updated by 10 PM the night before the next week or month is started.

6.) Premier customers will be required to fill out a heart rate zone worksheet after every session, OR message me workout data from you heart rate monitor.

7.) An explanation and tour of training forms will be thoroughly explained in phone calls to ensure proper utilization of the training program.

8.) Personal training is not the avenue for nutrition counseling. Other than general questions about nutrition, you will be referred to a dietitian and your primary care provider.

9.) While I am currently in physical therapy school, absolutely, no physical therapy services are being advertised, provided, or endorsed. Any injuries that you have or may suffer will result in me referring you to a trained professional in rehabilitation sciences.