Getting started

So you've browsed your options and read a bit about FIT Factor and what we stand for. Now you're ready to get started. Yay!

  1. Select the plan the that fits YOU best.

  2. Purchase the training package.

  3. Check your inbox for a confirmation email from

  4. Inside the confirmation email is a link to fill out the online Client Intake Form. Complete the intake form.

  5. Go back to the confirmation email and you'll see a link to my Calendly account. Schedule a meeting for us to have our first 1-1 consultation!

    • This phone interview allows me to gather more information about you and your needs. Because of this, I will be better able to customize your FIT Factor training program.

    • Initial questions will be answered at this point.

  6. You will receive an invitation to your own Google Sheets document (no google account required) with your program within 48 hours after our initial interview.

    • This is an interactive form that allows you to enter in weights you use. I can better customize your program the more you input your workout information into the program.

    • There is a Google Sheets phone app that allows you to carry your online personal trainer in the palm of your hand!

  7. You will also receive a link to my calendar once again and be instructed to schedule a 15 minute phone call.

    1. During this phone call I will explain the layout of your program and explain my unique training process.

  8. Now it’s time to work out!


Please note: 

  • Additional phone calls (30 minutes) beyond what your selected plan allows will be an additional $35.

  • I will respond as quickly as I can, but at the very minimum, you will receive an answer Monday-Friday by the end of the day, guaranteed. Any questions over the weekend will be answered by Monday evening, guaranteed.

  • You also have the option of sending exercise videos for me to analyze your form and correct problems!

  • Since this is a pay as you go plan, you have no obligation to continue your service.

  • New programs will be made available before the next training cycle, guaranteed.

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