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What is type 2 performance?

Type 2 Performance (formerly FIT Factor), is an online endurance athletics coaching service curated for those desiring podiums or consistent PR’s on race day. I use evidenced-based, physiologically based, and data-driven training methods to best assist you with your racing goals. Chasing after that Boston Qualifying time? Desiring a sub-12 hour Ironman? Wanting to understand why certain workouts are effective and others leave you on a plateau? As long as you are willing to put in the work, we will work to chip away at your goals with consistent and deliberate training. I use the Polar ecosystem for planning, and thus, I will gift you a Polar Vantage M Multi-sport watch and Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor to streamline access to your achievable plan. A Polar Flow account is included, and gives a detailed picture into your training data. Additionally, as your coach, I have access to your training data and can provide daily feedback on your workouts, send training sessions directly to your watch, and monitor your progress without the need for cumbersome spreadsheets. Please click here for a video describing the Polar Ecosystem.


Our personal training philosophy.


Why is online coaching a great option?

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What makes Type 2 Performance (formerly FIT Factor) unique?

Ever wonder how many intervals you should do, how long your longest run needs to be, or if you should be using a heart rate watch? Becoming a Type 2 Performance athlete gives you this education as part of your plan driven by specific physiological variables, training phases, and of course, your individual response to training load. I am a firm believer that understanding the “why” of your training plan is vital to seeing the big picture, even when the daily grind may seem unrelated to race-day. Also, I challenge anybody to find a coach who will include a state-of-the-art sports watch with your payment for training. I’m waiting…


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a gym membership?

While it would be extremely beneficial, results can be achieved without a gym membership. Creativity and collaboration will be required of both you, the athlete, and I, the coach.


Do I have to use the Polar Watch, especially if I already love my Garmin?

It is certainly not required, but ease of use and streamlined features will be limited. Please contact me before purchasing, so we can come to a mutual agreement of how to proceed.


I’m unsure if online coaching is the best option?

It may not be at first thought, but as an endurance athlete, most of your time will be spent alone on the road, trail, or in the pool. The true coaching element comes from knowing what workouts to do and why you’re doing them, in addition to the consistent support system that unlimited communication provides. A perfect combination for an online medium.


I'm sold! How do I get started?

Congrats on your decision! It's a simple process to get going. Check it out here!